Thursday, 13 September 2012


This summer I had the occasion to visit a wonderful place: Bornholm. 
It's a small danish island in the Baltic Sea. Here's a map if somebody needs to see where exactly it is (the red circle).
The source of the map:

Of course I want to share some photos I took there.

Even big amount of tourists and their cars couldn't spoil views like this one..

Common fig

Some interesting facts:

1. People don't have drapes.
2. People have special mirrors by the windows to 'spy on their neighbors' ;)
3. Many houses have their names instead of numbers.


  1. That is a very beautiful place, and you are right...sneak away to visit the beautiful places with no tourists...soak in all the beauty. That is funny about the mirrors!

  2. Oh what a beautiful place that is. Thanks for posting the lovely pics as it is unlikely I will ever see it in person. What no drapes? And mirrors to spy with? How funny, odd. Heck folks here just stand at the window and openly stare, no shame here.