Sunday, 3 July 2011

Virtual Nail Art Contest - Results !!!

At first I would like to thank all the entrants and voters.
You are the best!
There were MANY invalid votes, which I didn't count.
I only counted the valid ones.
I had to analyse every single vote, cause I wanted it to be completely fair.
That's why it took so much time.
But I finally know the results. 
 What did the voters say about the winning nail art?

"The colour combination is great and the nail art looks very sophisticated for the base colour." Anne (the Netherlands)
"So elegant and the design is sooo perfect.  Love the color combo :)" rmcanelight (the USA)
"It´s an awesome manicure :)" Lady Pink (Romania)
"Personally, I don't like the shape of the nails but I love the nail art she made.  The mani is very luxurious and feminine." Angeles (Spain)

The winner is: --- kleopatre (19 valid votes)
2nd and 3rd prize go to: Orlica (11 valid votes) and Enamel (10 valid votes)

I really liked them all.

As I promised, eight of the voters (only with the valid votes) are going to win a lip gloss from Virtual.
Tomorrow I will let you know who is going to receive a lip gloss.
 Be patient! :)


  1. Gratulacje dla zwyciężczyni:) Zasłużona wygrana, chętne wezmę udział w kolejnym konkursie.

  2. ja też chętnie wezmę udział w następnym konkursie :)

  3. Gratulacje.
    zapraszam do mnie.

  4. gratulacje dla Kleopatre i Orlicy :) ja dziękuję za trzecie miejsce wszystkim, którzy na mnie głosowali! maila już wysyłam :)

  5. Ooo ale fajnie, nie spodziewalam sie:) Bardzo sie ciesze:)
    Dzieki dziewczyny:)
    Juz poslalam adres:)

  6. Congrats ladies, you deserve it ! :)

  7. Congrats to the winners...! ;-)

  8. Congratulations to kleopatre, Orlica and Enamel! :)

  9. Szukałam dzisiaj wyników i musiałam przeoczyć :)

    dzięki za link :)