Monday, 4 July 2011

Virtual Nail Art Contest - Voters' prizes

Hi girls,

Who has won a lip gloss?

Sorry girls, I'm not going to show you how I've chosen the winners because it would be too time consuming. I have to finish the chapter of my MA thesis until the July 14th so I'm mainly focused on that. 
I only tell you that I used to pick the winners. I hope you don't mind.

the winners are:

1. KiziaMizia
2. Witoxicity
3. sarahlouise-1986
4. kamilkamilka
5. Yasminella
6. Lady in Purplee
7. Angeles
8. roxytheone

I will send you an email soon.


  1. chociaż błyszczyk mi się trafił :) dzięki :)

  2. Wow...! Thanks a lot...!!! ^^

  3. Bardzo ładny blog :)
    + dodaję twój blog do obserwowania

    Liczę na to samo i zapraszam do komentowania

    Będę tu często zaglądać <3

  4. Oh, that is so cool! Thank you so much! All the best with your MA thesis. :)

  5. wow thanks sweetie! i emailed you back xxx