Saturday, 13 November 2010


Finally, i decided to try out my BM plates!
Probably, I gilded the lily..
..but it was fun...
I can see no difference between using BM plates and Konad plates.
However, I have to admit that BM plates are really sharp!
I didn't hurt myself.. but i think it was olny thanks to the fact that i knew i have to be careful..
..because i read a few reviews saying they are sharp before ordering them.
Nevertheles, i love these plates!

I used:

Sally Hansen - Advanced Hard as Nails - White Tip


  1. Super pretty nail art! love it! <3


  2. W pierwszej wersji podobają mi się najbardziej, świetny pomysł, który kiedyś od Ciebie zgapię :D

  3. good idea for very long nails!! love your layering

  4. Wow, this is very nice. I never would have thought to use so many different patterns and colours, and they all go together so nicely.

    I really like your blog, maybe you can check out mine too :)