Sunday, 10 April 2011

red and white

It's just a coincidence
that I post a mani in red and white today..
(these are national colours of Poland)
Cause as I have written before I'm not a big patriot..
I want you to know that today
is the 1st anniversary of the plane crush,
in which our president, his wife and 94 other people got killed..
(They were en route from Warsaw to attend an event marking the 70th anniversary of the Katyn massacre*)
*Katyn massacre was a mass execution of Polish nationals carried out by the Soviet secret police NKVD in April–May 1940.
btw. Have you heard about the crash?

I used:

Virtual - Vinyl Mania - lady in red
konad special polish in white
konad image plate m61

Have a nice Sunday!


  1. i love this =) Its very cute and very pretty

    ..i remember reading about the Plane crash - it was all over the news in the uk =-/ i love that you did this remembrance manicure for it hunny!


  2. Great mani! :-)

  3. Kolejne paznokcie u mnie na blogu. Możesz zachęcić swoich czytelników do głosowania właśnie na nie.

  4. Very beautiful manicure! The crash was on the news here, definitely.